Released on March 27, 2020

Lucid Dreams from label Swiss Dark Nights

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Cover art by Daniele Serra

All music and lyrics by Veronica Campbell (copyright 2020).

Music video from single "I Came Here For You" released Feb. 27, 2020. VIDEO LINK HERE.

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LIES was released on Nov. 16, 2020. 

It is a part of the Chemical album that is planned for release this winter.

(Music video below).

From European label Swiss Dark Nights, "Three Acts" includes two EPs and two single releases (first issue in physical format of both singles) on one beautifully remastered CD-15 songs total, includes a photo/lyric booklet insert. T-shirts are also available. Click the album cover above to purchase from Swiss Dark Nights.

(Learn more about her music bio). Released 2019.

Watch Veronica's recent collaboration with The Black Capes, Sonsombre, The Kentucky Vampires, and Cold Remembrance

SoundCloud Death Loves Veronica
Veronica Campbell
and filmmaker/author Ronnie Stich    

An unannounced release on August 31, 2020, In the Silence.

It is available on bandcamp. The title track was mixed and re-envisioned by James Levis, the b-side, Winter Never Comes, a tribute to the sadness of our times.